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In this article, Brian Banks net Worth, we will provide an overview of Brian Banks’s journey from being wrongfully convicted of rape in 2002 at the young age of 16, spending over five years in prison and five years on probation before finally being exonerated in 2012 and the milestones that have led to his current net worth.

Brian Banks Net Worth

Who is Brian Banks

Brian Banks, a former American football player was convicted wrongfully of rape charges in 2002 at the age of 16. Banks was born July 24, 1985, in Long Beach, California, United States to Leomia Meyers and his father Jonathan Banks.

Before finally being exonerated in 2012 Banks spent over five years in prison and five years on probation. Since then, Banks has become an author and motivational speaker, also executive producer and TV host. Despite his wrongful conviction and time spent in prison, Banks was even signed by the Atlanta Falcons. His life story was also turned into a big-screen movie.

Brian Banks Net Worth

It’s important to note that access to Brian Banks’ financial records or personal information is limited. However, based on his background, career history and google searches, Brian Banks net worth is estimated at $2 million as of 2023.

Despite his attempts to revive his football career after his exoneration, Banks was not signed to an NFL contract and hasn’t played professionally since. While he has worked as a public speaker and advocate for criminal justice reform, it’s unlikely that this work has generated a significant income. Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Brian Banks net worth may not be substantial

Banks’ wrongful conviction and subsequent exoneration likely impacted his ability to earn a living and advance his career.

It is important to remember that an individual’s net worth is not always an accurate measure of their accomplishments or contributions to society. Many individuals, like Brian Banks, may face significant challenges or setbacks in their careers that prevent them from accumulating large sums of money, but still, make important contributions to their communities and the world at large.

Brian Banks Net Worth

Name Brian Banks
Brian Banks Net Worth $2 million as of 2023
Profession Nationally Recognized Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Football Player, Television Host
Date of Birth July 24, 1985
Place of Birth Long Beach, California, United States
Gender Male

Brian Banks early life story

1. Early Life and Football Talent:

Brian Banks was born on July 24, 1985, in Long Beach, California, where he spent his childhood and adolescence. He attended Polytechnic High School for a high school diploma in General Studies (1999-2003), where he played football and was a standout athlete. His teammates included several future NFL players, such as DeSean Jackson, Darnell Bing, Winston Justice and Marcedes Lewis.

2. Verbal Commitment to USC:

In 2002, Banks’s junior year, he received a verbal scholarship offer from the University of Southern California (USC), a dream come true for any young football player. Banks was excited about the opportunity to play for USC, one of the top football programs in the country.

3. False Accusation and Derailment of Football Career:

  • However, Banks’s life took a tragic turn in June 2002 when his classmate 15-year-old Wanetta Gibson accused 16-year-old high school football standout Brian Banks of raping her in a stairwell at Long Beach Poly High School during lunchtime.
  • Banks denied the accusation, stating that they had only kissed and made out but did not have sex. A teacher interrupted them and they left in different directions.
  • Banks never received a clear explanation as to why Gibson made the false accusation, speculating that she may have been afraid her older sister would find out or worried he would brag to his friends.
  • Banks believes that Gibson may not have anticipated the severity of the legal consequences that he would face as a result of her false accusation. Despite maintaining his innocence, he was arrested and charged with kidnapping and rape and his bail was set at an exorbitant amount of over $1 million, which he could not afford. Consequently, he was detained in a juvenile detention center for a year until his trial.
  • Shawn Ashley, a co-principal of Long Beach Poly High had claimed that Banks would not be allowed back on campus regardless of any jurisdictional outcome.
  • The false accusation derailed Banks’s future and shattered his dreams of playing college football.

4. Evidence support Gibson’s claim of rape against Banks

There was no evidence found to support her claim. Banks’ DNA was not found on Gibson or her clothing and there was no other credible evidence presented in support of her accusation. The evidence presented was weak and not dependable, consisting mainly of contradicting statements from both parties.

5. Brian Banks’ mom sell their house and car to pay for his lawyer

Brian Banks stated that his mother sold their house and car to pay for his lawyer. He mentioned that his mother “literally gave up everything” to finance the lawyer, who had been pushing him to accept a plea deal since the beginning.

6. The Difficult Choice: Brian Banks and the Plea Deal

When Brian Banks was 17 years old and being tried as an adult, he faced a tough choice, accept a plea deal or risk spending his life behind bars for a crime he did not commit. His attorney urged him to take the deal, assuring him that he would receive probation after a 90-day observation period in prison. Banks was facing a potential sentence of 41 years to life if he did not take the deal.

In an interview with the Innocence Project, Banks recalled how his attorney warned him that an all-white jury would likely convict him due to his race. He had just 10 minutes to make the decision and was not allowed to consult with his mother. Ultimately, he chose to take the plea deal, even though he was innocent.

7. Brian Banks’ Wrongful Conviction: Prison, Parole and a Sex Offender Registry

After being convicted of rape in 2002, Banks served five years and two months in prison, followed by five years of high-custody parole, during which he was required to wear a GPS tracking device on his ankle. He was also forced to register as a sex offender, which significantly impacted his ability to secure employment.

8. Wanetta Gibson’s $1.5 Million Lawsuit

After accusing Brian Banks of rape, Wanetta Gibson and her mother, Wanda Rhodes, filed a lawsuit against the Long Beach Unified School District, claiming that the school’s lack of security had enabled the assault. The district agreed to a settlement and paid Wanetta a staggering $1.5 million.

Instead of using the money for intended purposes, Wanetta and her mother reportedly spent it on several luxury cars, including an Altima with “great rims,” a Suburban and a Dodge. They also splurged on big-screen TVs and other extravagant items.

9. Wanetta Gibson’s Mother’s Role in the Brian Banks Case

During the research on the Brian Banks case, it was discovered that both Banks and his legal team share the same belief. Alissa Bjerkhoel, a lawyer with the California Innocence Project, contends that Wanetta’s mother, who has a criminal record, orchestrated the entire incident. “Her mother put her up to this. Wanetta was still a teenager when it all happened,” Bjerkhoel claimed.

10. Brian Banks’ accuser, Wanetta Gibson, Attempts to Reconnect on

Wanetta Gibson, the woman who accused Brian Banks of rape, tried to connect with him on Facebook in 2011 by sending him a friend request. However, he declined the request and replied with a direct message asking her why she wanted to connect. Gibson claimed that she wanted to bury the hatchet and move on from the past, saying that she was immature at the time. She even suggested they meet up, saying that she would like to see him and hook up. But this was impossible for Banks as he was forbidden from having contact with her due to his parole conditions and he had no desire to see her anyway.

11. Brian Banks Hires Private Investigator to Clear His Name

Banks hired a private investigator and set up a meeting with Wanetta Gibson, lying about the location of the meeting. The investigator monitored the conversation from another room and captured Gibson admitting that Banks had not raped her. Banks took the recording to the California Innocence Project, which appealed his case to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office. After a thorough review, the DA’s office agreed that Banks had been wrongfully convicted and he was cleared of all charges in 2012 by Judge Mark C. Kim, the same judge who had sentenced him. Despite the clear injustice, the judge offered Banks no apology for his ordeal.

12. Wanetta Gibson stands by her confession

Wanetta Gibson does not stand by her recorded confession. Instead, she claimed to CBS2 News that Brian Banks had attempted to bribe her with $10,000 to make the confession and that he had indeed raped her. Brian Banks refuted this accusation, stating that it was illogical since he only had one dollar and some coins at the time.

Long Beach Unified School Lawsuit

The Long Beach Unified School District pursued legal action against Wanetta Gibson to recover the money they had paid her in her lawsuit, which included legal fees and punitive damages after she admitted to making false accusations against Brian Banks. The school district sued Gibson for $2.6 million and was successful in obtaining the judgment. However, it appears unlikely that they will ever receive the money owed to them, as Gibson went into hiding and failed to attend any of her court appearances.

It is believed that both Gibson and her mother, Wanda Rhodes, spent all of the money they had received, resulting in the repossession of their cars and the sale of many of their possessions. In 2013, the school district was able to recover $750,000 in payments made to Gibson, along with attorney’s fees, interest and $1 million in punitive damages.Brian Banks Net Worth

Brian Banks Biography

Name Brian Banks
Full Name Brian Keith Banks
Age 38 Yrs. old as of July 24, 1985
Date of Birth July 24, 1985
Place of Birth Long Beach, California, United States
Nationality American
Hometown Long Beach, California, United States
Height 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)
Weight 250 lb (113 kg)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christian
Zodiac Sign Leo
Ex-wife Emanuela Marino (2015-2017)
Marital Status Single
Father Jonathan Banks
Mother Leomia Meyers
School/High School Long Beach Polytechnic High (1999-2003)
Profession Nationally Recognised Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Football Player, Television Host
Brian Banks Net Worth $2 million as of 2023
Last update February 2023

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Brian Banks didn’t press charges against Wanetta Gibson

Banks couldn’t press charges against Gibson for false accusation as the statute of limitations for perjury had expired. If he had the chance, he would have pursued charges as her actions caused him to lose part of his life. He believes holding people accountable for false accusations is crucial to protect the credibility of genuine rape victims who come forward.

Brian Banks’ Professional Football Career and Post-Exoneration

Exoneration and NFL Career

Banks’ conviction was finally overturned in 2012 when Gibson’s deceit was revealed and he was exonerated of all charges. Following his exoneration, Banks pursued his dream of playing football and signed as an undrafted free agent with the Las Vegas Locomotives of the United Football League on September 20, 2012 and appeared in two games, making one tackle before the UFL suspended its season in October.

Banks then signed with the Atlanta Falcons on April 3, 2013, participating in offseason workouts, OTAs and training camp. Banks made his NFL debut in a preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals, where he picked up two tackles. However, he was released by the Falcons on August 30, 2013, after playing four preseason games with the team.

NFL Player Brian Banks Gives Inspirational Speech at Rookie Symposium

After a brief career in the NFL, Banks accepted Commissioner Roger Goodell’s request to speak at the 2014 NFL draft Rookie Symposium. His speech was well-received. Soon after, he received a call from the NFL Department of Operations asking him to join, where he worked on developing programs to stop domestic and sexual abuse.

Advocacy for Justice Reform

Despite the setback in his life, Banks became an inspiration to many and an advocate for the wrongly accused. In 2019, he was appointed to the California Innocence Commission, which works to prevent and remedy wrongful convictions in the state.

He spoke out about the flaws in the justice system and the need for reform and he became a motivational speaker, sharing his story and inspiring others to never give up hope, no matter how difficult their circumstances may be. He has been committed to helping others who have suffered similar injustices and is a strong advocate for justice reform.

Brian Banks wife

Brian Banks married Emanuela Marinova in May 2015, but unfortunately, their marriage did not last long and they divorced less than two years later, as reported by TMZ.

After his divorce, Banks entered a serious relationship and at the end of 2018, the couple welcomed their first child together, a son named O’rion King Banks, born in late January 2019.Brian Banks Net Worth

The Films and Documentaries on Brian Banks’ Story

Banks’ story has been the subject of a documentary film, “Brian Banks: A True Story of Justice Denied and Redemption,” as well as a feature film, “Brian Banks,” starring Aldis Hodge as Banks. His case has also drawn attention to the issue of wrongful convictions and the need for reform in the criminal justice system.

The documentary film, “Brian Banks: A True Story of Justice Denied and Redemption,” was released in 2019 and directed by Tom Shadyac. It explores Banks’ wrongful conviction and subsequent exoneration, as well as the impact it had on his life and career.

The film features interviews with Banks, his family, his lawyer and other individuals involved in his case. It also includes footage of Banks’ tryouts with NFL teams and his work as a public speaker and advocate for criminal justice reform.

“Brian Banks,” the feature film, was also released in 2019 and starred Aldis Hodge as Banks. The film follows Banks’ journey from his wrongful conviction to his eventual exoneration and explores the emotional and psychological toll of being falsely accused and imprisoned.

The film was directed by director Tom Shadyac and featured Greg Kinnear portraying Justin Brooks, Banks’ lawyer. While the film garnered mixed reviews from critics, it was lauded for its depiction of Banks’ strength and determination in the face of challenging circumstances.

Banks’ case and the documentaries and films made about it have drawn attention to the issue of wrongful convictions and the need for reform in the criminal justice system. Many advocates have called for changes to the way in which the justice system handles cases of sexual assault, including increased scrutiny of accusations and greater support for defendants who are wrongfully accused.

Brian Banks Experience

1.) BrianBanksFree
10 yrs. 10 months

    1. Life Coach
      Contract Jan 2015 – Present · 8 yrs. 3 months
      United States
      Banks helps successful, intelligent people navigate doubt, distractions and fear on their road to success. With a focus on resiliency, overcoming adversity and daily discipline, he helps individuals maximize their potential and achieve their goals in life.
    2. Private Consultant
      Full-time Dec 2018 – Present · 4 yrs. 4 months
      United States · Remote
      • Whom you’re connected with can make all the difference in meeting your goals. Over the past 10 years, Brian has had the honor of connecting with experts in the fields of business, sports, legal and entertainment. Brian can extend those relationships to you.
    3. Nationally Recognized Motivational
      Self-employed Jun 2012 – Present · 10 yrs. 10 months
      United States
      • Delivered speeches to various audiences (corporate, 501c3’s, Universities, Law Schools, collegiate and professional sports teams, etc). Over 200 audiences.
      • Group coaching with NFL and Collegiate athletes.
      • Private Client Life Wellness (Eudaimonia) Coaching

2) Director Of Business Development and Community Partnerships
MDX Labs · Full-time
Aug 2020 – Feb 2022 · 1 yr. 7 months
Henderson, Nevada, United States
• MDX Ventures is a healthcare company that aims to improve healthcare and business. They operate their own laboratory and work with various other labs. They provide testing equipment to hospitals and run a telehealth company, MDX Ventures has also developed American-made lateral flow tests and an oral rinse PCR test to support the testing process during COVID-19

3) Television Host
CNBC · Contract
Mar 2016 – Jan 2018 · 1 yr. 11 months
Angeles, California, United States
In ‘Final Appeal,’ former football star and exoneree Brian Banks partners with ex-prosecutor Lori Coombs to investigate controversial cases that may have resulted in wrongful convictions. Their goal is to uncover the truth and bring justice to those who have been wrongly accused.

4) National Football League (NFL)
Full-time · 2 yrs 1 month
Greater New York City Area

    1. Officiating Department | Game Day Technician
      Sep 2014 – Sep 2016 · 2 yrs. 1 month
      Game Day Technician – Monitors every game and consults with on-field officials when a review is initiated. The senior officiating staff helps to ensure that calls are being made correctly and consistently.
      Training Tape Philosophy – Developed Officiating philosophies to ensure an equitable and safe playing environment.
    2. Program Manager
      Sep 2014 – Sep 2016 · 2 yrs. 1 month
      The Legends Officiating Development Program identifies collegiate officials with the potential to officiate at the highest level and prepares them for the NFL. Former NFL players also get involved by mentoring and utilizing their knowledge of football and athleticism.

5) Professional Athlete
National Football League
Apr 2013 – Oct 2013 · 7 months
Greater Atlanta Area
• Athlete for the Atlanta Falcons

6) Brian Bank’s Education
Long Beach Polytechnic High
High School Diploma, General Studies
1999 – 2003

7) Brian Banks Volunteering

a) Charitable Contributor
Atlanta Falcons
Jan 2013 · 1 month
Social Services

b) NFL Ambassador
Mar 2015 · 1 moth
Social Services
• Four NFL players continued the USO-NFL tradition of visiting U.S. troops at military bases in the Middle East. They were Akiem Hicks, Alex Mack, Will Svitek and Brian Banks, who accompanied them. The NFL had worked with the USO for almost 50 years on morale-building visits, starting with the NFL being the first sports organization to send players to Vietnam and other parts of Asia in 1966.

8. Annual Fishing with the Falcons
Wounded Warrior Project
May 2013 · 1 month
Social Services
• Atlanta Falcons’ players, coaches, cheerleaders and staff went fishing on Lake Lanier with wounded veterans in an annual event called Fishing with the Falcons. Falcons owner Arthur Blank holds high expectations for community involvement and the organization consistently shows a commitment to serving other.Brian Banks Net Worth


In conclusion, Brian Banks’ journey is one of determination and renewal, despite being falsely accused and incarcerated. His activism has motivated and brought attention to the necessity for reform within the criminal justice system. His legacy continues to encourage future generations to seek justice and equality. As of 2023, Brian Banks net worth is estimated at $2 million, earned through his work as a public speaker and consultant.

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The accuser in Brian Banks’ case was Wanetta Gibson, but her name was fictionalized as Kennisha Rice in the movie adaptation. The portrayal of Kennisha Rice was played by Xosha Roquemore. The reason for the change in the name was due to legal concerns.

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Banks joined the Atlanta Falcons for their 2013 NFL offseason, where he played in four preseason games and recorded two tackles. He was released by the team on August 30, 2013. Prior to that, he played two games for the Las Vegas Locomotives in September 2012.

Brian Banks net worth
$2 million as of 2023

Brian banks Instagram

Brian Banks current job
Brian Banks is a life coach, private consultant and nationally recognized motivational speaker. He has been working as a full-time private consultant since December 2018 and has been a self-employed motivational speaker since June 2012. Banks is passionate about helping people achieve their goals and maximize their full potential in life. He has delivered speeches to various audiences, including corporate, universities, law schools and sports teams and has provided group coaching to NFL and collegiate athletes.